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A Small City with a Big History
Located on the Blackstone River, Riverfront Lofts sits in the heart of historic Pawtucket. Across the river is Slater Mill, the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution. Slater Mill opened in 1793 and was the first water-powered mill to successfully spin cotton. Other textile mills soon followed creating a flourishing economy in Pawtucket.

By the 1930's the textile firms had left New England and vacant mills were converted to jewelry manufacturing. Today, the jewelry industry has moved off shore, and Pawtucket's mills are home to a vibrant, artistic community.

Many new arts and entertainment venues already call Pawtucket home. The critically-acclaimed GAMM Theatre is steps across the street from Riverfront Lofts. A few more steps over the Exchange Street Bridge is the Slater Mill Museum and Park, the celebrated Stone Soup coffeehouse, an art gallery showcasing local artists and a museum crafts shop. Within five minutes you can catch a Paw Sox game at McCoy Stadium or grab a delicious meal at the historic Modern Diner.

Join the Riverfront Lofts community and help create the next exciting chapter in Pawtucket's rich and colorful history.

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