Development Design
Legal Construction

"Riverfront Lofts is a
catalyst for downtown Pawtucket's revitalization
as a magnet for the arts. These mill buildings
played an important role
in Rhode Island's manufacturing economy during the last
150 years. As renovated live/work lofts, they
will serve the creative enterprises that will

The process of transforming these historic mill buildings into dramatic live/work lofts has involved a large team of talented, dedicated professionals. Like the many hands operating the looms that transformed cotton fibers into textiles in these mills nearly a century ago, the people working on Riverfront Lofts have defined the meaning of "teamwork" to produce this exciting live/work project.

The development team effort was a true public/private partnership involving the leadership skills of the project ownership, the City of Pawtucket, Bank Rhode Island as well as many other professional disciplines. The legal team demonstrated extraordinary professional skill in resolving the purchase, permitting, environmental approvals, financing, condominium and title issues. The construction team in collaboration with the design team has resolved a myriad of complicated architectural, design and building questions.

support the state's
economy in this century."

Ranne P. Warner
Owner and Developer
Riverfront Lofts

Jewelry Mold
from Lebanon